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Fixed Income Equity Trading Licenses Financial statements and auditor's report

The Ukrainian debt capital market is currently undergoing a rapid process of development. Being one of the most lucrative capital markets, it currently serves as the main source of raising funds among resident market operators.

ARTA provides a full range of services in debt financing. In recent years, we have taken the lead among the major traders at PFTS, the Ukrainian stock exchange and rank among the top five securities market operators. With such strong positioning, we are able to successfully deal with any type of securities, including corporate, municipal and treasury bonds.

ARTA is pleased to provide its investors (both individuals and corporations) with comprehensive services in bonds portfolio formation (brokerage services), based on their yield criterion and risk tolerance. Our Team professionally manages our clients’ bonds portfolio using the elaborated techniques (in particular - repurchase transactions) to gain highest possible returns on the portfolio performance.

ARTA places great emphasis on knowledge of the markets and financial trends in general, and thus employs a team of specialists responsible for research and analysis. We keep our customers informed of debt securities market trends on a daily and weekly basis and provide them with monthly overviews and credit risk analysis for corporate bond issuers. Also, our clients may take advantage of regularly updated macroeconomic studies, including detailed overviews and economic forecasts for the local market

Having long-standing partnerships with major Ukrainian bond issuers, we are exceptionally competent in creating exclusive financial products which take into account both issuers’ needs and investors’ expectations.

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